Our members have ridden a total of 4944100773058 miles so far this year!

We have two Saturday morning meetings and one Thursday night meeting every three months at the Republic Harley-Davidson in Stafford, TX for fun-filled, informative, and prize-winning Chapter meetings. Come on by and join Chapter #1115 and join us on our weekly rides, Chapter Challenges, and everything that makes us the friendliest H.O.G. in Houston.
  • Enriching, informational chapter meetings on most first Thursdays of every month at Republic Harley-Davidson
  • Chapter rides every alternating Saturdays and Sundays
  • Week-long bike trip every year (we just finished the Kentucky Bourbon Trail)
  • Participation in local rides for charity
  • Holiday party every December
  • Personal Republic H-D sales expert assigned to our chapter for bike sales
  • 2.5x normal VIP Rewards for all members at Republic H-D parts, service, and motor clothes
  • Annual chapter challenges to take you all over Texas
  • Pride in our safety knowledge and practices


We love to ride! Here are the upcoming rides for the chapter over the next couple of months. Click on a ride title and discover the details of that day's journey.
  • Jul
    Sunday ride/Kenney Store
  • Jul
    Saturday/Gulf Coast Museum
  • Aug
    after meeting ride
  • Aug
    Sunday ride
  • Aug
    Saturday Ride/Kloesel's
  • Aug
    Sunday ride/Pappas on the Lake
  • Aug
    Saturday Ride
  • Aug
    Saturday Ride/The Wet Deck

Sunday ride/Kenney Store on Jul 21

Ride to Kenney Store

Sunday ride Kenney Store in Kenney Meet at the parking lot next to Shell on Kirkwood at US 59 at 0930 KSU 1000. The route 150 miles long and there will be two stops along the way with lunch at The Kinney Store arriving around 1215. We should be back to the Katy area around 2:30.

Saturday/Gulf Coast Museum on Jul 27

Ride to Gulf Coast Museum/Orange cafe

Saturday Ride.Time for a little area history. We are headed to the Museum of the Gulf Coast in Port Arthur with lunch at The Old Orange Café. The Café has been featured on many shows and publications (Texas bucket list, Hill Country Reporter, Texas Monthly) so this is a two fer. The Museum of the Gulf Coast tells the exciting story of the Texas/Louisiana Gulf Coast region, beginning with paleontology and biology. Permanent exhibits include a section on Native Americans, European contact, the Civil War, economic and cultural growth, the petroleum industry, and the maritime history of the region. The Museum's second floor is dedicated to the many internationally recognized musicians and athletes who call the Gulf Coast home.
Walk-in Admission
Adults - $8
Senior Citizens (62+) - $6
Group Tour Rates
Adults - $4 need ten or more
Meet at Republic at 0800 with KSU at 0830. The ride to Port Arthur and Orange will be about 270 miles round trip and will consist of three breaks and lunch. We will arrive at the Old Orange Café a little after 1100 and get to the museum around 1:30. Depending on how much time you spend exploring (I guesstimated 2 hours for planning purposes)plus stops on the way back we should arrive back in Houston between 4-5 PM. Below is the URL for the café.

after meeting ride on Aug 3

Ride to ?

Saturday ride

Sunday ride on Aug 4

Ride to ?

Sunday ride

Saturday Ride/Kloesel's on Aug 10

Ride to Kloesel's/Moulton

Saturday Ride to Kloesel's in Moulton

Sunday ride/Pappas on the Lake on Aug 18

Ride to Pappas on the Lake/Conroe

Sunday Ride to Pappas on the Lake in Conroe

Saturday Ride on Aug 24

Ride to ?

Saturday Ride

Saturday Ride/The Wet Deck on Aug 31

Ride to the wet deck/Livingston

Saturday Ride to the Wet Deck in Livingston


Here's a list of our upcoming events. Click the event and check out the details that describe the event.
  • Aug
    Chapter Meeting
  • Aug
    RC Meeting
  • Aug
    LOH Meeting
  • Aug
    RC Meeting

Chapter Meeting on Aug 3

Meeting at Republic H-D

Chapter Meeting. Come by and renew if you haven't and get in on the door prizes and fifty fifty pot. Hungry? come by IHOP by the dealership and join me for breakfast at 0800 that way if you are helping you will have time to eat and for those who aren't you will have time to visit and pick up anything you need from the dealership. Double points on meeting days. Don't forget your vest.

RC Meeting on Aug 7

Meeting at Republic H-D

monthly RC Meeting. Interested in leading our group rides and trips? Come check us out.

LOH Meeting on Aug 8

Meeting at ?

LOH meeting Thursday August 8. Ladies of Harley is group of female Harley Davidson enthusiasts promoting activities, adventures, charitable events and Republic Harley Davidson events as part of the Republic HOG chapter. Have you been thinking of joining but haven’t taken the first step? Our meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month. We meet at 6 for dinner, if you choose, and the meeting starts at 7. We are a fun, active group of women who enjoy organizing and participating in a wide variety of events resulting in everlasting friendships, lots of laughter and forever memories LOH has something to offer everyone!
If you have any questions, you can contact Randi Farrell at 281-513-1570 or Cindy Smithson at 832-731-8462.

RC Meeting on Aug 26

Meeting at Republic H-D

monthly RC Meeting. Interested in leading our group rides and trips? Come check us out.


We keep all of our Chapter photos and videos over at http://republichog.shutterfly.com.

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